Susan Nicholas Gephart's Instructor Sets

  • MSRP $69.80

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Susan Nicholas Gephart's Earth, Water, Sky Pastel Set/20:

  • A smaller set of Susan’s Earth, Water, Sky series these were also tested and hand selected by Susan.

Susan Nicholas Gephart's Earth, Water, Sky Pastel Set/80:
  • An exclusive private label set of Richeson Soft Handmade Pastels that were tested and hand selected by Susan herself from our carefully crafted color range of 500 plus colors.


Susan Nicholas Gephart's Studio to Plein Air Oil and Acrylic Painting Brush Kit:

  • Jack Richeson Signature Bristle Filbert: Size 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8
  • Jack Richeson Australian Synthetic Filbert: Size 6
  • One Jack’s Linseed Studio brush soap 30ml
  • One Richeson Grey Matters Paper Palette 12" × 16"
  • Jack Richeson Italian Paint Knife 1/8" × ¾"
  • Double Palette Cup No Cover

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