Barbara Jaenicke's Instructor Sets

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Brush Set for the Serious Painter
  • Grey Matters Bristle for Oils - Filbert: Size 1, 2, and 3
  • Grey Matters Bristle for Oils - Flat: Size 4, 6, and 8

"This high-quality set provides all of the brushes you’ll need for my workshop to create the techniques and effects you’ll see me demonstrate in oil. If you already enjoy using flat and filbert bristle brushes, this is a good, durable line of brushes that I’d recommend." - Barbara Jaenicke 

Winter Landscape Pastel Set/80

"This Winter Landscape set of 80 was hand-selected to include the variety of colors I use in many of my snow scenes and winter landscapes. It includes a wider range of color temperature and chroma than many students tend to have with them at my workshops, and it’s this range that allows me to capture shimmering light in my winter paintings. Many of the colors included in this set are also ideal for basic landscapes, too!" - Barbara Jaenicke

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