Jeanne Rosier Smith Instructor Pastel Sets

  • MSRP $329.45

Artist’s Website

Land and Sea Pastel Set/80:

"This Sea & Land set of 80 was carefully hand-chosen to include a wide range of warm and cool blues and greens plus plenty of neutrals and vibrant, warm tones for underpainting and color notes.  This versatile, foundational set is perfect for seascapes and landscapes."  ~Jeanne Rosier Smith 

Pastel Size: 1-3/8"

⚠︎ Prop65

Beginner Pastel Workshop:

  • Large Color Wheel
  • Gray Scale Value Finder
  • Artist View Finder
  • Jack Richeson's Assorted Semi-Hard Square Pastels Set/72
  • Medium Vine Charcoal 3/16"

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