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Pastel Size: 1-3/8"
⚠︎ Prop65

Lyn Asselta Workshop Basics Set/40:

The Basic Workshop set was designed specifically to offer you a variety of values in each color. Ranging from very light, through two mid-values, to very dark, you should have everything you need to create successful paintings in any setting. With just 40 pastels, it is a practical, convenient set of basic colors that can be blended to create whatever colors, values, or neutrals you may need.  ~ Lyn Asselta

Lyn Asselta Dark and Brights Set/20:

The Darks & Brights set was designed to augment the Basic Workshop set, offering additional dark value colors and additional intense colors, giving you the ability to add greater contrast and excitement to your color palette. ~Lyn Asselta

Lyn Asselta Sky Studies Set/20:

The Skies set was based on my morning practice of painting quick sketches of the early morning sky from my studio window. The colors were carefully chosen to give you a variety that can encompass nearly any type of sky or any type of weather.  ~ Lyn Asselta

Lyn Asselta Pocket Landscape Set/20:

The Pocket Landscape Set was created with the idea of paring down your plein air kit to a basic, minimal, easy-going palette. With just 20 colors, you can tote this set to just about anywhere your feet can take you in the great outdoors. Happy Painting! ~Lyn Asselta 

Lyn Asselta Plein Air Basics Kit:

  • Eco Sketch Journals 60# 6" × 6", 100 Sheets
  • Pocket Color Wheel
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