Squirrel Brush for Watercolor

  • MSRP $43.60

Squirrel Sky Wash Brush Short Handle: Truly a magnificent watercolor tool! A flat oval squirrel brush that comes to a fantastic point. No other hair can perform as well as squirrel hair in this shape. The brush can be used as a three-sided brush. You have the broad flat, the long thin side and the fine point. Every painter will fall in love with this great brush. Available in 4 sizes.

Squirrel Classic Mop Brush Short Handle: If you’re old enough, you will remember this brush from before World War II. Made of Pure Black Kazan Squirrel hair, it has the shape of a large round brush when wet. Originally these brushes were made with quills of large sea birds for ferrules. Today we use plastic with wire to bind them. The brush is a real treat to use.

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