Sash Brush Assortment

  • MSRP $1,785.00

  Assortment includes 12 of each brush.
Domes 9049 Size Pointed 9149 Size
Domed 2/0 Pointed 2/0
Domed 2 Pointed 2
Domed 3 Pointed 3
Domed 4 Pointed 4
Domed 5 Pointed 5
Domed 6 Pointed 6


Domed Sash Brushes: This style is the closest to that used in the 1500s. Its thick bristle build carries a tremendous load of paint while providing good control. Any landscape painter or set designer will love the way that it works. The bristle is held in place in a brass ferrule by epoxy glue. The handle is well balanced and these brushes work equally well with oils or acrylics.

Pointed Sash Brushes: This is a marvelous addition to anyone’s brush collection. The handle is designed for a good "feel" and it reduces the fatigue that follows many hours of work on a large painting. The head on these brushes come to a sculptured fine point and work well for detail. The bristle is well packed and is held in place with epoxy.


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