Quiller Watercolor Brushes

  • MSRP $15.25

7000 Quiller Round Series Short Handle: In selecting the perfect synthetic round brush, it must have a firm needle point, a body that will carry a large load of color and last, but very important, a body that will allow the color to gently release and not flood out on the paper. This brush has a beautiful gold seamless ferrule and is mounted on a classic matte black handle.

7010 Quiller Flat Series Short Handle: When wet, these flats come to a magnificent razor’s edge, allowing the thinnest line, a broad wash or anything in between. The ferrules on the 7010 flats have a round base up to the 1" size and the larger sizes have a folded flat base. Steve works very big and was really pleased when we developed a brush that could hold so much color and retain control. You won’t believe the edge!

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