Plastic Palettes

  • MSRP $153.00

Made of durable, solvent-resistant plastic for use with oils, acrylics, or watercolors, these bright white, plastic palette trays have several round wells, plus slanted wells that allow water or thinner to collect away from the paint. Ideal for the classroom, they are a visual and neat way for children to find the colors they want to use while capturing their masterpieces. Of course, we always consider the environment at Jack Richeson & Co., so we use recycled plastic where feasible and grind and recycle all plastic waste.

6 Well Tray: Available in a heavy-duty plastic and an economical lightweight plastic.

9 Well Tray: A 3-5⁄16" × 7-1⁄8" heavy-duty pure white plastic tray.

Round 10 Well Tray: This pure white tray is available in an easy to clean heavy-duty plastic and an economic lightweight plastic.
  • 400220-12 Heavy-duty Tray w/Cover
  • 101014-144 Economy Tray
  • 400201-12 Heavy-duty Tray
  • 400219-12 Clear Cover only

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