Modeling Tool Canister

  • MSRP $229.50

This canister of tools is a great starter kit for artists of all levels. It contains a variety of ribbon wire tools, which are used for cutting and trimming clay, greenware, or plaster. It also contains a variety of wire end tools and clean-up tools, which are useful for adding detail and smoothing edges. Includes 69 pieces total.



Contains 3 of each:

210507 Set of 6 (single-end tools): Flat, ribbon-like steel is used to form the cutting heads of these tools. These double-edged modeling tools provide a wide variety of shapes for light cutting and trimming of clay, greenware, plaster, etc. Wooden handles with metal ferrules.

210508 Set of 6 (single-end tools): These double-ended modeling tools come in an assortment of useful shapes to meet a variety of clay modeling requirements.
210509 Clean-up Tool Kit: Adding detail and smoothing edges is easy with the wide variety of tools offered in this set. Includes 11 different tools.


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