Kolinsky Oil Assortment

Kolinsky Oil Assortment

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  Assortment contains three of each brush.

Filberts 7160 Size Brights 7161 Size Rounds 7162 Size
Filbert 2 Bright 2 Round 2
Filbert 4 Bright 4 Round 4
Filbert 6 Bright 6 Round 6
Filbert 8 Bright 8 Round 8
Filbert 10 Bright 10 Round 10
Filbert 12 Bright 12 Round 12
Filbert 16 Bright 16 Round 16
Filbert 20 Round 20

Very few companies today manufacture a pure Kolinsky Sable Brush for oils. Hair for this brush comes from the most Northern areas of the Kolin Peninsula and is most difficult to trap.

It is the finest and the most expensive hair used in brush making. When using hair of this quality we use only the finest and most skilled brushmakers. The brush is mounted in a gold ferrule and has a beautiful walnut handle.

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