Joseph McGurl's Instructor Sets

  • MSRP $180.65

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Joseph McGurl's Oil Brush and Knife Set:

  • Italian Paint Knife: Size 2-3/8” x 1/2”
  • Richeson Synthetic Liner: Size 50/0
  • Grey Matters Synthetic for Oil Flat: Size 6; Filbert: Size 6 and 10; Bright: Size 10
  • Two Grey Matters Bristle Round: Size 1
  • Grey Matters Bristle Round: Size 3 and 8; Filbert: Size 3, 6 and 10; Egbert: Size 6

Joseph McGurl's Oil Paint Set:
  • Richeson Oils 1.25 oz: Titanium white, ivory black, cadmium red pale, cadmium yellow light, cadmium yellow medium, cadmium orange, cerulean blue, ultramarine blue deep, dioxazine violet, burnt umber, and quinacridone red

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