Synthetic Watercolor Brushes - Series 9000

  • MSRP $8.90

Years ago, when we first introduced the market to the fabulous "9000" brushes, they were a whole new way of making brushes. Its historic fine snappy point and its ability to carry great volumes of color have kept it an industry leader. These brushes have seven different types of pointed synthetic fibers blended to create a marvelous artist tool. The brushes have a silver seamless ferrule and a beautiful black handle with gold and yellow trim. The ferrules on the 9010 flat are a round base up to 1" and the larger sizes are a folded flat base.

Synthetic 9000 Round Series Short Handle: These short handled rounds will hold plenty of watercolor, gouache, casein or acrylic, and release paint smoothly, giving the painter perfect control.


Synthetic 9010 Flat Series Short Handle: Flats are becoming more important all the time for the serious watercolor painter. These brushes are made very full with the ability to carry a great deal of liquid, yet still not flood out all over your work. These brushes come to a razor edge for fine lines or cut-in work.

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