Caravaggio Cotton 75%, Polyester 25%, Medium Texture (501)

  • MSRP $265.20

WEIGHT/Meter: 11.5oz/330g

Named for the famous Italian artist Caravaggio of the late 1500s, Caravaggio Canvas is some of the finest available in the world. Milled in Varese, Italy for over 30 years, Caravaggio Canvas is Europe's top primed canvas. Using a state-of-the-art priming method, this canvas delivers optimum consistency. Known for an amazing range of textiles and textures,

Caravaggio canvas is available in:

  • Raw Linen Rolls
    • Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Rough textures
  • Acrylic Primed Rolls
    • Linen, Cotton, Jute, Polycotton, Cotton Linen and 100% Polyester
    • Extra Fine, Fine, Universal Grain Rough and Extra Rough
  • Oil Primed Linen Rolls
    • Extra Fine, Fine, Medium

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