Tempera Racks & Trays

  • MSRP $147.90

These trays are made from a heavy-duty white plastic that is sure to withstand even the toughest little painter. They provide a great space for mixing tempera as well as a great tray for sorting and sharing materials between groups. 7/8" deep

Two size trays are sold in packs of 12.

6 well: 8-1/4" × 5-3/4" 

8 well: 6-1/2" × 11-3/4" 

Great for a classroom, these black wire storage racks can come filled or empty, and will hold 6, or 12 color sets.
Allergen Notice:
Richeson Tempera Cakes do not contain: gluten (wheat), nuts, nut oils, dairy, eggs, or soy.
Note: manufactured in a facility that is not allergen-free

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