Richeson Casein Sets

  • MSRP $77.50

Known for their versatility and array of capabilities, casein paints can be used to create a variety of effects from the rich opaques of oil to thin watercolor washes. Because casein has an exceptional integrity of color and always dries to a perfect matte finish, it is unexcelled for art reproduction.

Richeson Casein Color Chart

⚠︎ CL Prop65: This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer. 

Basic Casein Set of 6: Set includes 1.25oz. tubes of: titanium white, ivory black, rose red, Naples yellow, ultramarine blue deep, Shiva green (phthalo).

Wooden Box Set of 12: This set contains 1.25oz tubes which are presented in a wooden slide-top box. Includes: titanium white, ivory black, rose red, light red, Naples yellow, yellow ochre, Shiva green (phthalo), ultramarine blue deep, Shiva blue, Shiva violet, burnt sienna, golden ochre. 

Wooden Box Set of 6: Contains the same colors as the basic set of 6, but this assortment comes packaged in an elegant, slide-top wooden box. 

Casein Color Theory Set of 6: Perfect for color theory, casein has little color shift and mixes easily! Set includes 1.25oz. tubes of: Shiva rose, cadmium yellow light, ultramarine blue deep, cadmium orange, Shiva green (phthalo), Shiva violet. 

Casein Underpainting Set of 6: Water media and oil underpainting material in a basic warm and cool color set for every painter! Set includes 1.25oz. tubes of: burnt sienna, raw umber, Payne’s grey, yellow ochre, cadmium red pale, permasol blue.

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