Charcoal Sets

  • MSRP $20.45

Compressed Charcoal is made from a scorched blend of black, wood ground charcoal, gas and Chasov Yar clay. It is a soft-medium grade, producing even coverage. Measures 4-3⁄8" in length and varies in thickness. Compressed Charcoal comes in a slide-top wooden box. 

Packaging Update

#19101 Set of 50 Natural Willow has changed from a wooden box to a hangable, transparent, snap-to-close plastic box. Easy to clean and great for reuse after your charcoal is gone. 

Natural Willow Charcoal is produced from willow branches scorched without air access. Willow Charcoal produces smooth coverage of a soft-medium grade, which provides easy shading from black to pale grey. Measures 4-3/8" in length and varies in thickness.

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