Lock Box Accessories

  • MSRP $5.65

The Lock Box is a fantastic palette that allows artists on the move to store and transport their paint. It keeps oils and acrylics moist for up to 30 days! Teachers love it for distributing paints to students in the classroom. 

And if you need to replace accessories we have many available: 

  • Disposable Mixing Sheet Pad - Refills available in packs of 10 or 40 sheets. 
  • Plastic Storage Slant Insert - Made of lightweight plastic, this is perfect for storing watercolors in.
  • Plastic Tempera Insert - Six wells to hold your round tempera cakes.
  • Sponge Strips - These sponges, when wet, will keep paints moist for weeks.
Allergen Notice:
Richeson Tempera Cakes do not contain: gluten (wheat), nuts, nut oils, dairy, eggs, or soy.
Note: manufactured in a facility that is not allergen-free

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