Kinstler Painting Mediums - 120ml

  • MSRP $15.40

Everett Raymond Kinstler is a well-known portrait artist who painted portraits of six U.S. presidents. The Smithsonian National Museum's Portrait Gallery displays 75 of his pieces. Kinstler Painting Mediums were specifically formulated to Everett Raymond Kinstler's specifications. We are proud to offer not one but two of his specially formulated mediums.

Kinstler Alkyd Painting Medium: More than just a paint thinner! This semi-synthetic polymer which significantly accelerates the drying time of oil colors can be mixed in any ratio to extend colors and is the ideal medium for creating transparent glazes. It dries to a tough yet flexible film, reinforces the coat’s adherence and is virtually non-yellowing.

Kinstler Studio Painting Medium: Using Studio Painting Medium with professional grade oil paints will ensure the flow necessary to achieve the same luminous effects that are present in Kinstler’s studio portraits.

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